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Castiglion Del Bosco, Tuscany.


Wild Turkey Bourbon Visitor Center

by De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop


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A Custom Font That Helps Kids Learn to Read and Write

London design studio Colophon Foundry created the Castledown font for Castledown Primary School in East Sussex, England.

The font was commissioned with a big goal: Help students improve their reading and writing skills. It comes in multiple variants. Here you see the regular cut, a clean and mature version that will be used in all official letters and school materials.

The cursive version is based on how children actually write. Little flicks at the end of the letters mimic where the pen lifts from the page.

The font was designed after the Colophon designers observed students during their handwriting exercises. Each letter was based on the actual motion of handwriting and has been translated into writing exercises.

If the font reminds you of Comic Sans, that’s because the designers took inspiration from the internet’s favorite punching bag of a font. Colophon tried to rationalize Comic Sans, giving the font’s friendly handwriting aesthetic some logic and maturity.

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DESIGN: The LIX Pen Lets You Draw in 3D

Art director Ismail Baran and creative director Anton Suvorov have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their new invention - the LIX 3D Pen.

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